50 Budget Friendly AIP Recipes

As promised, here is my follow-up post to last week’s article on Money Saving Tips while following AIP! Cooking from scratch for every meal seems daunting before you get the hang of things. I would hate for someone to be turned off from the protocol for this reason. So I perused almost every AIP blog currently available to you lovely readers to hand-pick the recipes that meet at least 3 of the following criteria:

1. 5 ingredients or less (pantry staples like oil and salt don’t count)

2. Can be made ahead of time and stored in refrigerator or freezer

3. Heat up well the next day

4. Accessible ingredients found in most grocery stores

5. Delicious. Duh.


Instant Oatmeal by Grazed and Enthused

Breakfast Bowl by Enjoying this Journey

Plantain & Apple Fritters by The Paleo Mom

Fennel Herbs de Provence Sausage by The Paleo Partridge

Easy Vegetable Scramble by Squirrel in the Kitchen

Kitchen Stash Hash by Predominantly Paleo

Perfect Breakfast Sausage by Phoenix Helix

Apple and Cranberry Oatmeal by Healing Family Eats

Roasted Veggies, Bacon & Pan Fried Figs by Enjoying this Journey

Jicama Hash Browns by Slightly Lost Girl 

Turkey Apple Sweet Potato Stir Fry by Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Ginger Sage Turkey Patties by Whole Life Full Soul

Apple Spice Breakfast Patties by Adventures in Partaking


Silky Sweet Potato Puree by Grazed and Enthused

AIP Bacon Herb Biscuits by Grazed and Enthused

Plantain Chips & Avocado Dip by Grazed and Enthused

Marinated Beet Citrus Relish by Grazed and Enthused

Perfect Garlic Kale by Grazed and Enthused

Tostones and Guacamole by It’s Me, Charlotte

 Plantains are a very affordable way to add starch to your diet which is a must for most people – especially those with thyroid disorder. I can usually find 2 for $1 which lasts 4 servings!

Cauli-Leek Mash by The Paleo Partridge

Golden Carrot & Parsnip Soup by The Paleo Partridge

Creamed Spinach by Predominantly Paleo

Cilantro Carrot Mash by Healing Family Eats

Celeriac-Leek Soup by Mickey Trescott

Bacon-Balsamic Wrapped Asparagus by Beyond the Bite

Garlic Carrot Soup by Adventues in Partaking

Crushed Roots with Herbs by Healing Family Eats

 This recipe by Healing Family Eats uses cheap and widely available veggies like carrots and celery root but can be adapted easily: try yellow beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, or jicama here!

Frugal Bone Broth by Provincal Paleo

Garlic & Artichoke Hummus by Meatified

Crockpot Caramelized Onions by Phoenix Helix

Bacon and Prosciutto Wrapped Dates by Sweet Treats

Cajun Dirty Rice by Paleo Cajun Lady


Chicken n’ Gravy by Grazed and Enthused

Cinnamon Raisin Meatballs by Grazed and Enthused

Garlic Fried Chicken Livers by Grazed and Enthused

Beef Shawarma Skewers by Grazed and Enthused

Anti-Inflammatory Meatballs by Grazed and Enthused

Rosemary Prosciutto Stromboli by Grazed and Enthused

 My Rosemary and Prosciutto Stromboli dough is made with sweet potato & ultra cheap tapioca flour – that’s it! The inside toppings are open to interpretation – ground beef, bacon, and shredded pork are just as tasty as prosiuctto!

Garlic Herb Chicken Nuggets by Grazed and Enthused

Garlic Roasted Pork Shoulder by The Paleo Mom

Kalua Pig by Nom Nom Paleo

Slow Roasted Prime Rib by Mickey Trescott

Lamb Red Onion and Herb Koftas by Comfort Bit

Chicken Liver Fried Rice by Phoenix Helix

Easiest Stew in the World by The Sydney Life

Honey Garlic Baked Chicken Wings by The Bacon Mum

 Slow Cooker Kalua Pig is a set and forget it favorite in my house. I make a batch every Sunday and it lasts me at least through Thursday for only $15 a pot!

Bacon, Mushroom & Liver Pate by Gutsy by Nature

Italian Meatballs by Gutsy by Nature

Celebration Chicken Salad by The Nutritionista

Lamb and Beet Greens Stuffed Squash by Whole Life Full Soul

 During the fall and winter, hearty squash is almost always on sale. Roast ’em and stuff with ground meat and veggies for satisfying meals that can be stored and reheated well. This recipe by Whole Life Full Soul is even better the next day in fact!


Apple Pie Coconut Butter Treats by Grazed and Enthused

Fit Fat Bombs by Grazed and Enthused

Mint “Chocolate” Truffles by Grazed and Enthused

 Mint “Chocolate” Truffles from G&E are bulked up with mashed avocado… AIP and Paleo treats that use expensive flours can be the make or break for sticking with your budget!

Pumpkin Spice Macaroons by He Won’t Know It’s Paleo

Coconut Fruit Snack by It’s Me, Charlotte

Squash Panna Cotta by Fresh Start

Coconut & Carob Truffles by A Squirrel in the Kitchen

Spiced Apple Kombucha by Sweet Potatoes and Social Change

Banana Coconut Pudding by Paleo Pi

Coconut Fruit Snack by It’s Me, Charlotte is a flexible recipe – use whatever fruit is on sale this week

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