Indoor air is up to 100x more polluted than outdoor air. Clean air is a tenant of whole body health and longevity which is why we use and recommend the AirDoctor. Keep reading for my review and to learn how the AirDoctor works plus a $300 off AirDoctor coupon!

Air doctor review
The food we eat, the water we drink, the people we surround ourselves with and the air we breathe are four of the most important health factors that are mostly in our control. You may buy organic food and filter your water (we use the Berkey) but do you filter your air?

Every day we breathe 11,000 liters of air and the toxins pass through our lungs and are circulated to the heart, liver, kidneys, brain and other organs (source). According to the World Health Organization, long-term exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) concentrations leads to a marked reduction in life expectancy. The reduction in life expectancy is primarily due to increased cardio-pulmonary and lung cancer mortality. Increases are likely in lower respiratory symptoms and reduced lung function in children, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and reduced lung function in adults.

AirDoctor Review: Why I Love These Professional Home Purifiers

What if you could buy a professional grade air purifier at an affordable price and have the peace of mind that you and your family are breathing in the cleanest air possible?

AirDoctor is the first affordable air purifier that not only removes virtually 100% of fine and large particles but also the vast majority of toxic ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and gases.

We’ve been using their air purifiers in our home and in my children’s rooms for a year now and I couldn’t be happier with them! You can see all the visible dust your air filter traps but what you can’t see is even more important.
Indoor air is up to 100x more polluted than outdoor airand since most of us spend the majority of our time inside our homes these days, air filtration is a must for whole body health.

How does the AirDoctor work?

The AirDoctor filters particles using a three-stage process as small as .003 microns making it 100x more effective than your standard HEPA filters. It filters out:
  • 99.99% of airborne viruses and bacteria
  • 100% of harmful molds, mildew, dust, dander, VOCs, pollen, PM2.5
  • all of the off-gassing from cooking, furniture, appliances and cleaning products
  • wild fire smoke and the heavy metals it releases
  • ozone and gases
The three filter stages includes: 
  1. a cleanable pre-filter for larger particles as a first-line defense (built-in, no need to replace)
  2. dual action carbon gas-trapping filter to remove odors, ozone, gases and VOCs (replaceable)
  3. ultra HEPA that captures the smallest particles including smoke, dust, bacteria and viruses (replaceable)

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AirDoctor for Airway Issues & Oral Ties

If you or your child suffers from airway restriction, snoring, oral ties, purifying your indoor air is an absolute must. When the nasal cavity is inflamed from indoor pollutants, we cannot properly breathe through our nose. Instead, we are forced to breathe through our mouth (even if our lips are properly sealed) which leads to poor sleep, dry mouth, cavities, anxiety, dark undereye circles and poor oxygenation in the body (source).

Additionally, children’s face’s in their early years cannot develop properly when nasal breathing is not occurring. Common signs of poor facial development include double chins, weak chins, flat faces, drooping eyelids, short upper lips, lack of cheekbones and torsion of the facial structure.

All three of my children were born with oral ties that have impacted them in a variety of ways based on the tie location, tie severity, dietary preferences, and toxin exposures. Having an AirDoctor in their bedrooms at night has significantly helped their narrow nasal passages and propensity toward mouth-breathing.

EMFS & Air Doctor Review

I’ve also tested the EMF output of the AirDoctor and they become nearly undetectable at about 1.5 feet distance (versus the 12 feet from my microwave), so I am very comfortable having them in my children’s rooms. Bonus: it creates a mild white noise that helps everyone sleep better too.

How do I know my indoor air is polluted? 

Long Term Risks of Indoor Air Pollution

Health conditions may show up either years after exposure has occurred or only after long or repeated periods of exposure. Long term risks can include respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer, and can be severely debilitating and have a tremendous impact on the quality of everyday life. I first found out about AirDoctor and air purification through my friend Noelle, and it truly changed our family’s health. 

AirDoctor Coupon

How do I know when I need to change my air filter?

AirDoctors also have an air quality sensor that lets you know the current quality of your indoor air.
  • Red = poor quality
  • Orange = moderate air quality and
  • Blue = good air quality.

My AirDoctor built-in fan will kick up and the sensor turns Orange when I’m cooking, dusting, or shaking out duvet covers and rugs or when it rains (releasing pollen and mold spores into the air), it’s that sensitive. If you live in a wildfire zone or have high mold concentrations, you may see the sensor turn red.

I change the filters when the filter sensor goes on (about every 6 months) – and I recommend purchasing a set of backup filters with your first order. Your machine comes fully loaded with your first round of filters!

Lastly, another feature we employ is the dimmer. You can turn off all lights from the machine while it’s still running, so the blue light will not interrupt sleep. It’s also very discreet and as stylish as an air purifier can get – it’s a sleek and simple white design that will suit any space.

What size AirDoctor should I buy?

You need to choose the right AirDoctor size based on the square footage of the space you are treating. Many homes may require multiple AirDoctors. I recommend focusing on the rooms with carpet, new furniture, bedrooms, new paint, and the kitchen. If you suspect mold in any rooms, keep an AirDoctor running in there as well.

AirDoctor 1000: good for bedrooms, offices, and smaller spaces
Air Doctor 3000: good for studios, offices, master bedrooms, kitchens, and living spaces
Air Doctor 5000: good for 1-bedroom apartments, larger living spaces, two-story homes, open concepts and garages

How do I order an AirDoctor? AirDoctor Coupon for $300 off!

Simply head to my Air Doctor affiliate link to claim your $300 off coupon. Click “Order Now” to view the available units and select the size best for your home and office space. I have the Air Doctor 3000 in the girls’ adjoining rooms and the Air Doctor 1000 in our master bedroom where our newborn also sleeps.

To order replacement filters, click “Store” and scroll down for all the filter options. I recommend buying 2 sets of replacement filters so you’ll be well-stocked for 12 to 24 months of clean air!

You can also get 10% off all filter replacements with my affiliate link now!