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  1. Hi there, my name is Nareh and I too have hashimotos and have been on strict AIP and Paleo for over a year. I’ve just recently started a blog (it’s not published just yet), mostly for the purpose of helping people that have struggled like I have done, and also, as a way to creatively express myself, as I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to monetize it.

    I noticed your blog and wanted to see how I could be a part of any of the community cookbooks. Your cookbook with Dr. Ballantyne looks amazing also! Of course I’m developing my own recipes, but still working on creating enough for me to feel like I have a good number. Sometimes I make things that are a bit ethnic, for those that want more mediterranean/middle eastern flavors.

    I was also wondering if I was able to post any recipes of other bloggers’ with credit to them in my post? Is that something that is acceptable in the AIP community, or done at all, or are all recipes on all these blogs their own only? Any advice you offer would be great, thank you!

    And it’s great to meet you, and get to know other people with the same struggles as me! (Sorry for the long email!)

  2. Hi, I’ve enjoyed your blog tremendously. I have histamine intolerance as well as a gluten and dairy allergy. I have remained Paleo 99% for the past seven years. The histamine intolerance is new to me. I noticed many high histamine foods in your cookbook and recipes. Do you have a low histamine cook book?

    1. I do not currently have a low histamine only cookbook but my ebook Enthused includes a recipe key which includes Low Histamine recipes!

  3. Hi! I recently saw an ad for Wellness Bakeries Miracle Bread. I don’t need bread much at all, but there ate times (and family traditions like Christmas) where I could use a good grain-free bread recipe. The mixes like Miracle bread are just too expensive, I’d like to try something I make from scratch. Do you have a recipe? Something that could also be used for Christmas cinnamon rolls? Thanks

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