Learn how to restore your lymphatic health at home. In this guide, you’ll receive attainable tips and resources for improving your lymphatic drainage and function. We’re taking it far beyond dry brushing (but you’ll learn how to do that the correct way too!)

Do you have persisting health symptoms like inflammation, swelling, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance and insomnia? Do you feel like you’re “doing all the things” but not moving the needle much with your health?

Your body has a built-in security system that wants to help you calm the chaos: your lymphatic system! The lymphatic system is the “forgotten system” of the body – and one you can’t live without. Its job is to maintain homeostasis within the body, keep any “bad guys” at bay, and restore your cells and tissues with the nutrients and hormones they need to thrive.

Think of the lymphatic system as a security guard for your body. It keeps lines flowing to prevent congestion and chaos while identifying threats to your safety and ushering them out before they can cause any problems. Sounds pretty dang important, huh?

Unfortunately, the lymphatic system is often ignored or not clearly understood in the holistic health community. We pump hundreds of dollars of supplements into our bodies, eliminate food after food, and have so much conflicting advice, we don’t know how to actually move forward with addressing our symptom expression.

Once I discovered the power of the lymphatic system for bringing balance back into the body, I was able to reverse countless “mystery symptoms” that I had been band-aiding for years.

I’m passing on years of research and experience in a comprehensible and comprehensive downloadable guide so you can start implementing ancestral and research-backed lymph flowing practices today.

In The Lymphatic Love Guide, you’ll get the below lymphatic health information and so much more:

  • You’ll take a lymph drainage self-assessment to see how your lymph is draining now so you can compare weeks and months from now after implementing the Lymph Love practices into your routine
  • Explore the relationship between your lymph health and common modern health issues like autoimmunity, chronic pain, IBS, parasites, histamine intolerance, fascial issues, dementia, depression, neurodegenerative disorders, tongue ties, airway restriction, and metabolic disorders
  • Printable daily, weekly, and monthly Lymph Love checklist with a comprehensive How-To Guide for every tool
  • Glymphatic “Brain Detox” Checklist for supporting optimal sleep and “brain drain” to improve your mood, cognition and sleep while decreasing brain fog, insomnia, and anxiety
  • Supporting Your Child’s Lymphatic Health bonus chapter with over a dozen information-packed pages on the best diet, lifestyle, and lymph-moving modalities for children’s health and wellbeing
  • General Children’s Health Checklist to help caregivers confidently assess foundational health signs
  • Instructional videos for your new lymph-loving practices so you can start implementing them today with confidence
  • Clickable links for my best lymphatic draining supportive tools


The Lymphatic Love Guide includes 100 information-packed pages of useful and attainable resources for optimizing lymphatic flow and encouraging a lifetime of better health and symptom reduction.

This downloadable guide also includes helpful clickable links, discount codes to my favorite lymph-supportive products, and videos to follow along for several health practices.

How do I know if I have poor lymphatic drainage?

Nearly every single cell, tissue and organ in your body has its own lymphatic vasculature.

Your lymphatic system is your waste removal system, your detoxification primer, your fluid drainer and balancer, your security guard against pathogens like parasites, viruses, mold, and toxins. 

Some common signs of poor lymphatic drainage include:

  • autoimmunity
  • chronic pain
  • headaches
  • rashes
  • mystery symptoms
  • frequent illness or injury
  • puffiness and edema especially of the hands, face and lower extremities
  • gut issues like parasites, bloating and food intolerances
  • difficulty losing weight or gaining weight easily
  • clothing and jewelry leaving marks on skin
  • a heavy and sluggish feeling in the body
  • sore joints, especially in the morning
  • a more comprehensive list is included in the guide!


I could have checked off nearly all these boxes at one point in my health journey – even while exercising daily, using non-toxic products and eating a Paleo diet! I seemed to be “doing all the right things” but still had a litany of health symptoms I couldn’t explain.

Over the last few years, I began to unwind the patterns in my body that set me up for this dysfunction and start reversing symptoms I thought I’d live with the rest of my life.

Now when I occasionally experiencing some of those nagging symptoms like facial swelling, bloating and constipation, I’m able to bring in my lymph-supportive tools to get my body flowing and moving again.

How common are lymphatic issues?

You see, we need our lymph to move and to move well. But many of us live with the signs of lymphatic congestion every day:

  • 50 million Americans and counting have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease
  • 1 in 2 Americans born after the 1960s will get cancer in their lifetime
  • Two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese
  • Nearly 75% of American adults have metabolic dysfunction including pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • American lifespan has decreased for the first time in decades
  • The majority of adults are on at least one prescription drug
  • Chronic pain is a big business – and rarely is anyone addressing the root cause
  • Our food system is more contaminated than ever
  • Autism rates are quickly rising along with other neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s


While all of these conditions have multiple causes, they all likely have something in common: a poorly functioning lymphatic system.

The good news: our lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump. We get to do the pumping for it which means we have quite a bit of control on whether it stays stuck or it flows

Through a combination of ancient practices, modern day common sense, and research-backed techniques, The Lymphatic Love Guide will give you the tools to encourage lymphatic health at home, reduce symptoms, and return homeostasis to your body.


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