Primally Pure makes some of my favorite organic handcrafted skincare and body products. Here is a quick review + list of some of my daily faves.

We have been big Primally Pure fans in my household for nearly 7 years. Primally Pure is a small woman-owned company out of California, and I love how they stay true to their commitment to organic, handcrafted and sustainably sourced products.

From baby products to high-end luxury plant-based skincare and deodorant, you’ll find Primally Pure products throughout our home. Even my husband finally switched his toxic deodorant over to their Charcoal Deodorant a couple years ago. This was and *still is* a big deal for my Dollar Store shopping hub.

Always get 10% off Primally Pure with code ALAENA on every order!

My daily Primally Pure handmade and organic favorites:

  • Clarifying Serum: a non-clogging facial oil serum that brightens and heals skin using organic green tea, turmeric, neroli, manuka and prickly pear.
  • Clarifying Raw Honey Mask and Soothing Mask: raw honey, probiotics and functional herbs soften skin, cleanse pores, and brighten without drying skin out like most clay masks. I leave this mask on for up to 2 hours since it’s so nourishing.
  • Charcoal Deodorant: my husband and I both swear by this super clean deo for keeping sweat and stink away. This one helped him finally make the switch from drugstore deo, and smells like a hint of eucalyptus and mint.
  • Facial Dry Brush: I’m always amazed at how soft and exfoliated my skin feels after a quick morning facial dry brush sesh. Be sure to watch my tutorial below for the proper way to dry brush your face!
  • Bian Gua Sha Stone: easy to grip with multiple edges for draining lymph, toning skin and gently smoothing away fine lines. I’ve used a lot of stones and this is by far the best for lymph work!



Plus a brand new line: Eucalyptus and Bergamot!