Ginger Cookie Crunch Ice Cream (Paleo, AIP, Vegan)

ginger cookie ice cream

  There are five food groups for me: meat, seafood, fruits, veggies and CRUNCHY food. I love a good crispy carrot stick, and I usually nibble on those while I cook dinner (so I don’t eat said dinner’s leftovers for the next day!) But on the AIP, it’s hard to get that crunchy sensation  outside […]

Macadamia Cinnamon Cookie Ice Cream (Paleo, Vegan)

    Oh man, this dairy-free macadamia nut ice cream is SO DREAMY. I actually had a dream about it the night after I ate it/finished it.   Last year when I received my Whynter Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker, it inspired me to create an ice cream cookbook. Well, that never happened. Not because […]

Toasted Coconut Cream Pops from The Healing Kitchen (Paleo, AIP)

toasted coconut popsicles

    This was one of my favorite recipes to develop for The Healing Kitchen because all of the outtakes were so delicious! Toasted coconut ice cream was a favorite of mine growing up, and my best friend in high school and I would go to our local ice cream shop after school and grab […]

AIP Strawberry Ice Cream

    My favorite cooking gadget that I didn’t really “need” but HAD TO HAVE has been sitting unused for the past 7 months! The Whynter Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker isn’t a cheap “Hey, might as well at that price” kind of purchase. My husband bought it for me for my 27th birthday after […]

Sweetener-Free & Dairy-Free Banana Ice Cream (Paleo, AIP, Vegan)

​   I’ve been all up in my new ice cream maker‘s face for the past month since I got it for my birthday. It is SO COOL. I make ice cream for everyone that comes over and make them watch it churn with me. It’s very mesmerizing and also doubles as a white noise […]

Paleo Apple Pie & Apple Pie Ice Cream! (Paleo/Vegan)

Once I developed this apple pie recipe, I debated back and forth on whether or not to put it on the blog. It’s very delicious, and as an apple pie lover myself, it definitely satisfied my childhood memories of the treat my father used to bring home for us when my mom wasn’t looking!   […]

50 Low-Sugar & Sugar-Free AIP Treats!

Nothing divides the Paleo/AIP/Healthy Eating communities more than treats! I personally believe in moderation with everything (except vegetables – you can never have enough of those). The idea of a week without treats sounds frankly boring to me. But I also have lost my taste for anything overly-sweet, which is why you’ll find the majority […]