Hey friends! I wanted to compile a list of my recent podcast interviews in one place for you. I’ve been talking about a range of subjects from Batch Cooking Tips on the AIP to Raising Unbreakable Daughters to Infertility, Autoimmune Disease & Post-Partum Flares and Pregnancy and Autoimmune Disease


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AUTOIMMUNE WELLNESS PODCAST with Mickey Trescott & Angie Alt

SEASON 3 EPISODE 2 “Meal Planning & Batch Cooking with Alaena Haber”

This episode is all about how to implement some kitchen hacks to help you save money on food. We discuss our personal best practices when it comes to getting food on the table affordably, the first of which is meal planning. Some of you have heard us chat about these topics before, but just stick with us, because you may not have looked at the benefits from this angle before.

Then, we chat with Alaena Haber of Grazed and Enthused about her favorite AIP kitchen tools and how she sets herself up for success in an AIP kitchen. Scroll down for the full episode transcript!



EPISODE 1 ” Raising Unbreakable Daughters”

In this first official episode of Unbreakable You, Meg interviews Alaena Haber about the key parenting techniques she is using as she raises her two-year-old daughter, Grace. Alaena has a history of autoimmune disease and overcoming infertility, which she touches on in this episode as she shares in detail about the inner healing she has been required to do in order to get to where she is today in her health journey and as a mother.


MODERN MAMAS PODCAST with Jess Gaertner & Laura Bruner

EPISODE 37 “Autoimmunity, Pregnancy & Self-Care with Alaena Haber”

In this episode, Jess and I discuss my path from autoimmune disease and infertility to a healthy, natural pregnancy, my best tips for post-partum self care and avoiding flares, harnessing your intuition and why we are BFFS (Claire’s heart necklace included). This one was so much fun – do not miss!


THE UNBOUND HEALING PODCAST with Michelle Hoover & Anne Marie Garland

Episode 31 “Fertility and Pregnancy with Alaena Haber”

My good friend Anne & I discuss our conception, pregnancy and my post-partum journey with autoimmune disease and infertility. Anne discusses feelings after her miscarriage and the joy she experienced with her second pregnancy.