White wine poached salmon flaked over refreshing romaine & cucumber with a light dill vinaigrette makes for the perfect end of summer salad!



Salmon salad makes it to my mouth repertoire at least once a week. While sometimes in the form of canned salmon mixed with greens and avocado, nothing beats the taste of fresh wild-caught salmon!



For this recipe, I’ve poached the salmon in white wine with lemon slices for a more interesting flavor. While the alcohol from the wine cooks off, you still get the flavor. I go for a dry chardonnay when making this recipe – nothing too fruity or sweet!



White wine poached-salmon is then tossed with crisp romaine, refreshing cucumber noodles and a fresh dill vinaigrette flavored with shallot and lemon! If you’re having company over and want to serve them light and classy fare, bookmark this AIP-Friendly Poached Salmon Salad with Dill Vinaigrette!



Head over to Autoimmune Wellness to get the recipe!