Pear and Plum Cranberry Crumble {Paleo/AIP/Vegan/Sugar-Free}

pear and plum cranberry crumble


Time for my monthly guest post on Autoimmune Paleo! To celebrate spring, I decided to highlight two of my favorite fruits in a simple and seasonal crumble that doesn’t contain any added sugar!


The plum adds a delicate tartness while the pear provides the sturdy sweetness of a traditional baked crumble. Instead of making a crumble topping using flour and oil, I decided to combine tart dried cranberries with plantain chips for a more texturally interesting topping without the use of excess flour, oil or any processed sugar.


I’ve been staying away from flour-based treats for awhile now and tend to only make them every few months. I almost only make Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies when the opportunity presents itself because if I’m eating a real down and dirty treat, it needs to be CCCs!


This crumble, on the other hand, is light enough for a weekday splurge after a meal based on veggies and meat or seafood! It makes enough for 2 large servings or 4 smaller servings and pairs really well with homemade coconut milk vanilla ice cream!



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