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Find out how Equilibria CBD helped me overcome sleep anxiety and improve my post-partum sleep quality. You’ll get 15% off your organic, contaminant-tested Equilibria CBD order with code ALAENA.


Unless you have been hiding under a sound-proof rock, you have likely heard about the massive explosion of CBD products on the market. CBD products include oil, salves, lotions,candies, lozenges, honey, beverages  you name it, someone has put CBD in it. I myself am a late adopter to these types of trends. I like to watch and listen to other’s reviews and experiences, emerging research and industry regulation for at least a year before I put something in my own body.


The CBD industry is expected to reach $2.5 billion in sales by 2023, and companies are popping up out of nowhere claiming they have “the purest CBD on the market”. While I would be wary of any company making grand, sweeping statements, there is certainly a spectrum of purity in the industry. Improperly sourced CBD oil can contain dangerous levels of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants, and can be cut with undisclosed ingredients from shady manufacturers.


When sourcing CBD for your own use, it’s important to review the product’s purity, potency and preparation methods. These can all make a significant difference in whether or not you experienced benefits from ingesting or applying CBD.



CBD Benefits:  Sleep, Anxiety, Cancer, Neurological

The benefits of CBD oil are multi-fold. When I polled my readers, the majority who answered were using CBD to improve sleep quality and manage anxiety. Many others use CBD to decrease pain and inflammation, both through oral ingestion of the oil and topical application of salves and creams. CBD is currently being researched for it’s anti-seizure, anti-cancer and neuroprotective benefits as well.

In fact, in one study recently published in The International Journal of Pharmaceuticals, combining CBD with chemotherapy when treating breast cancer resulted in decreased cancer cell proliferation. The same researchers also found their solution of CBD decreased cancer cell activity on its own, even when not combined with anti-cancer drugs.

CBD has also been studied for its neuro-protective benefits especially in children with epilepsy. Several genetic conditions result in upwards of 50 seizures a day in small children, all with the potential to further neurological damage. Researchers found that about 30 to 40% of the cohort of 75 patients with seizure-inducing disorders experienced a 50% reduction in seizures when taking CBD-rich extracts. CBD oil is also being studied for its effects on Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive disorders.


Does CBD help with sleep?

CBD is most commonly used to improve sleep quality in children and adults. It has been explored in preliminary studies in a variety of patients including those with autism, REM sleep disorders, sleep apnea and insomnia.

Controlled clinical trials are currently being conducted to determine exactly how CBD improves sleep, but initial studies on various cohorts have found it improves sleep quality and decreases anxiety. In this study, CBD was given to patients who reported anxiety during the day and given to patients who reported sleep difficulties at night. Nearly 70% of the study participants noted improvements in either or both anxiety and sleep within the first month.

At this point, the anecdotal evidence is strongest to support CBD improving sleep quality.


My Story with Sleep Anxiety and Insomnia During Pregnancy & Post-Partum

Sleep never evaded me until I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2015 after a long fertility journey. Anxiety about miscarriage, developmental concerns and the drastic change in our lifestyle to come kept me up at night despite pregnancy exhaustion. Sleep anxiety becomes a vicious when the only thing preventing you from sleeping is your anxious thoughts about whether or not you will fall asleep. I would do the clock countdown: “Only 5 more hours left to fall asleep”, ruminate over how exhausted I felt and be unable to sleep when traveling.

Once my baby was born, sleep anxiety turned into postpartum anxiety. I would startle awake at night believing my baby was trapped and suffocating under the covers, over and over again. I would fling myself onto the floor in a mixed state of consciousness and sleep-panic screaming, “Help! Help!” My heart would be pounding so intensely out of my chest, I would need to cup my chest with my hand, hoping to press it back in.

When we would travel for family vacations or when guests would stay the night (which was a frequent occurrence), sleep anxiety would haunt me even more. It brought me to tears on many occasions – the irony of crying because I couldn’t sleep while laying in a perfectly comfortable bed in a perfectly quiet home and STILL not being able to sleep. It was miserable – I really can’t put a positive spin on it like I usually would.

Those new mom nerves really get the best of you, don’t they?

Slowly over time, postpartum anxiety faded and the fatigue from my second pregnancy took over. I slept mostly alone during that pregnancy as I needed to really spread out with my pregnancy pillow fortress to get comfortable. Not amazing for a marriage – but pregnant women need their sleep. Once my second daughter was born, I was worried those night terrors would come back. Thankfully, I only experienced one on our first night home with her.

This time my sleep quality was suffering in a different way. I was waking up to breastfeed at least 2 to 3 times a night and having a hard time going back under. My most restorative sleep was between 5 to 7 am, but that’s when my eldest would wake up for the day. My husband is a lot of amazing things, but a morning person he is not. I was left with those middle of the night wakings AND early morning wakings.

I knew the amount of time I could sleep wasn’t going to change drastically – I was already going to bed early at 8:30 to 9 pm. In order to feel more rested, my sleep QUALITY was going to have to improve.

That’s when I decided to start taking Equilibria’s CBD Daily Drops 30 minutes before bed.

How My Sleep Improved with Equilibria CBD

After the first night, I woke up telling my husband, “Wow! Maya didn’t wake up all night – how awesome!” In fact, she had waken up a couple times, but I had slept right through it! Thankfully, he covered for me with a bottle and let me keep sleeping. After the first week, I noticed less night-wakings and when I did go to her room to nurse, I would be able to fall back to sleep in my bed 30 minutes later without trouble. I was waking up feeling refreshed, not groggy at all (like I would with over-the-counter sleep medications) and happy to be up early with the kids.

I immediately bought some for my mom who has struggled with sleep for well over a decade. I checked in with her after a week, and she let me know she had been sleeping better than she had in years. That’s when I realized, “Wow! This stuff really does what it says it’s going to do.” I can’t say that about most supplements I’ve tried.

I’ve also suffered from adrenal fatigue for years (I run on “high alert” and have since I was a kid). You can read more about my experience healing adrenal fatigue. I wish I had tried CBD oil back then because it would have helped me heal much faster by allowing my body to get out of that “fight or flight” mode more easily.


Can I take CBD oil while breastfeeding?

This is a personal decision to make with your own research and your physician’s approval. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are the last population cohort to ever be tested on due to ethical issues. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s important to speak with your doctor about whether you can safely add CBD to your routine.

Be sure to ONLY consume CBD that is organic and has been safety tested like Equilibria. CBD products are often contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and other unregulated contaminants, and the FDA currently does not test or monitor for product safety.


Safe and Pure CBD with Equilibria

CBD is a largely unregulated industry, and the FDA is finding that more and more companies are producing counterfeit and contaminated products. Many CBD products are contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, rancid oils and unlabeled fillers.

If you are going to add CBD to your supplement routine, it is PERTINENT to source safe CBD oil like Equilibria CBD.

Equilibria tests their products for:

  • Pesticides: Hemp farmed using conventional practices will retain pesticides in the end product. Equilibria uses organic farming practices on their own 1,000-acre farm and tests their end product for pesticide contamination

  • Heavy Metals: Heavy metals are present in the earth, water and soil even when farming using organic practices. I only feel comfortable using CBD oil that has been heavy metal tested. Equilibria tests for lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic in their product.

  • Microbials like bacteria like gram negative spores, salmonella and e.coli

  • Mycotoxins: Mold spores are commonly found in tinctures. Equilibria tests for two common spores: aflatoxins and ochratoxin A


How do I know how much CBD oil to take?

Equilibria has dosage specialists to help you find the best daily and nightly dose of CBD for your specific needs. It’s recommended to start with one 10mg Gel Capsule after breakfast (to keep you calm during the day) and 10 mg of the Daily Drops 30 minutes before bed for a sound sleep. Monitor your symptoms and stress levels for a week, and then contact your dosage specialist to help you adjust as needed!


I recommend signing up for the monthly subscription.

You can start or stop it at anytime, add on or take away items and select specific ship dates for your subscription! I’ve been doing a once-monthly shipment of the 10 mg Daily Gel Capsules and the 10 mg Daily Drops. This lasts me exactly 30 days when using one of each every day (capsule in morning, drops in evening).



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