Italian Sausage Pizza (Paleo, AIP)




Italian Sausage Pizza made with homemade, nightshade-free sausage and sauce + an extra-extra dose of veggies… your family will love this grain-free, dairy-free pizza!


I love a recipe where you can still get your meat and veggies but its a big enough departure from your typical daily meals that it feels special. I made this pizza after watching my husband scarf down some nasty (slash delicious) looking NY thin crust. It features a savory herb “nomato” sauce with sauteed veggies and homemade AIP-compliant sausage crumbles.

This recipe was the first time I made the famous AIP Thin Crust Pizza that eventually went into The Healing Kitchen. You can also find this crust recipe in my Pesto Chicken Pizza… which if you haven’t tried. YOU MUST. It is so incredibly flavorful and free of all those pesky allergens.



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