The Benefits of Facial Cupping are plentiful. Let’s discuss them and how to incorporate this at-home practice into your skincare routine.

Facial cupping is a form of the popular Traditional Chinese Medicine body cupping practice. Trained practitioners will perform body cupping in areas of stagnant energy, pain and inflammation using larger, firmer glass or silicone cups. Body cupping leaves those big purple circular marks on the upper body – the tell-tale sign someone is utilizing Eastern medicine for pain alleviation.


What are the differences between facial cupping and body cupping?

  • Facial cupping differs from body cupping in several ways. Facial cups are softer, more pliable and most often made of silicone. You can purchase them online for about $20 or less and perform facial cupping at home without a practitioner.
  • Body cups are often left suctioned to congested or inflamed areas of the body to bring in new blood and nutrients for healing. In facial cupping, you are gliding the suction cups across your skin (most likely) using a facial oil for glide assistance.
  • Body cupping often leaves circular purple marks on the skin for a few days while facial cupping is much less likely to leave any markings on your skin. You may experience some short-term redness on the face as a result of increased blood flow to the area.

What are the skin and health benefits of facial cupping?

  • Decreases congestion and swelling of the face by opening up lymphatic pathways for adequate draining.
  • Increases blood flow, nutrients and healing white blood cells to improve nutrient delivery of skincare products.
  • Stimulates the cells responsible for collagen production – results in firmer skin and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Relaxes muscular tension in the face as a result of TMJ, or neck and jaw tension.
  • Useful during upper respiratory or sinus infections for clearing excess fluid and swelling that block airways.
  • Helpful when used behind the ears for ear pressure, ear congestion or sinus congestion.
  • Improvement in lymphatic drainage necessary for removal of waste, inflammation or puffiness.


How to perform facial cupping?

  1. Cleanse skin with a safe and non-toxic cleanser. This one is my favorite for most skin types, and does not dry out skin since it’s a cream cleanser. It safely removes makeup, dirt and impurities without the use of toxins. If you have acne-prone skin, use this safe salicylic acid gently exfoliating cleanser.
  2. Apply a face oil generously to skin that does not clog pores. I use this skin-balancing face oil – just a few drops covers my face and necks and lasts me 6+ months. Don’t fully massage it in. You need the oil for proper cupping glide.
  3. Using your hands, you’ll first start by opening up your lymphatic pathways in your head and neck so the lymph can drain. Gently cup the back of your neck and lightly massage with downward strokes 10 times. Place your fingertips on the muscular area just above your midline clavicle bone. Gently pump in a downward motion 10 to 20 times. Now place your pointer and middle fingers behind your ears with your ring and pinky fingers resting in front of your ears. Gently massage in a downward motion 10 to 20 times.
  4. Gently suction your facial cup to the center of your face and glide it outwards to your hairline/ears. Start with the jawline to the ear, the corner of your mouth to your ear, the side of your nose to your upper ear, between brows to above brows and towards hairline, between brows up to top hairline and down the side of the face towards ear, and finally from the ear down the side of the neck towards your midline clavicle.
  5. Perform these sweeping motions 5-10 times each per side. You can perform facial cupping daily for a few minutes or whenever you need some help with congestion, swelling or puffiness. 


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