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Grilled Chicken Kabobs with Orange, Olive + Oregano will keep your summertime dishes fresh this summer. Orange juice tenderizes the chicken and adds a touch of sweetness while the garlic and oregano add a Mediterranean flair. Skewred with salty kalamata olives, these kabobs have a special touch to set them apart during your family BBQs.


I serve these with fluffy cilantro cauliflower rice and a cucumber salad. I found this Creamy Cucumber Salad that would pair perfectly with these grilled chicken kabobs. You can also use my Dairy-Free Tzatziki as a dipping sauce like I do!


I have many fond memories of my mom grilling us up kabobs after playing in the pool all day. Can I share with you a pool game I invented at age 6 that I thought was terribly exciting. It entertained me for hours on end. I would throw… THROW… an unwrapped Jolly Rancher from the shallow end into the deep end. I then would challenge myself to retrieve it under water before it sunk to the bottom.


If you’re wondering if my reward was eating the Jolly Rancher… no. I would continue this game until the chlorinated water whittled away the candy. I just don’t know what such an invention says about me. I guess that I’m self-sufficient and thrifty.


Oh childhood – I miss the simplicity and how every day was an opportunity to learn something new and create my own adventure. Do you still view summer this way? If not, I challenge you to find a hobby, event or social outing this summer that sparks that curiosity and excitement in you. Mine is to travel more this summer.


We took our first family trip with a 13-month-old to Boulder, Vail and Omaha last week. I have a bachelorette party in New Orleans, a wedding in St. Augustine and now I’m trying to figure out one more trip for early fall! Somewhere affordable I can take Grace to… she’s a pretty awesome travel partner. I mentioned on Instagram that I will put together a post of some baby travel tips soon!








grilled chicken kabobs