AIP Birthday Cupcakes – Fresh Fruit Sweetened! – Paleo

 When I was a little girl, birthdays always went one of two ways. Either my family played “Happy Birthday To You” by New Kids On The Block or we cried because someone couldn’t find the NKOTB CD.  Listening to this song on YouTube brings back a flood of childhood memories, gathering around our table as my mother cut the cake, and my twin sister and I danced around the living room. We always got a Publix cake… usually a chocolate one and a vanilla one with buttercream frosting. I wanted to make a birthday cupcake that AIPers or those on sugar-free diets could enjoy. The texture is very close to the birthday cake we’re all used to – dense, moist, and chewy. The frosting takes on an almost mocha flavor from the carob powder and I really could just eat a bowl of Birthday Frosting and never turn on my oven, but I wasn’t going to half-ass birthday cake recipe. 

Head over to The Paleo Mom for my recipe for AIP Birthday Cupcakes – hey it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere. Eat up.

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