White Tea Rose Latte (Paleo, AIP)


white tea latte


I’m so excited my contributor recipe for Autoimmune Wellness is finally up for the month! Mostly because I am now reminded how delightful this white tea latte was when I made it last month. There’s something incredibly calming about taking time to make a special warm beverage, and sitting down to enjoy it all by yourself. I sipped on this frothy little mug of floral, slightly sweetened deliciousness one morning while doing some mundane emails, and it made the moment much more enjoyable.


A lot of you have asked where to get rose water! It’s a very affordable rose essence water used commonly in Middler Eastern cooking, particularly baked goods that you see the pastry cases of Greek and Lebanese restaurants. I really recommend exploring other culture’s ingredients in your home cooking. It can spark a love for cooking you didn’t know you had and keep things exciting while on an elimination diet. Even if you’re on a Paleo diet for weight loss, it’s still important to get out of your food rut because there are joy and nutrients to be found outside of steak, avocado, asparagus and sweet potato. Sooo much joy.



white rose tea latte



Get the recipe for this White Tea Rose Latte!




white tea latte

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