Chocolate-Covered Power Balls

Chocolate Covered Balls

I’m baaaaaaack. [titillating pause, I know]

I took the last month off to do some thinking about … well a lot of things. Big things. Like continuing my maternity leave from occupational therapy. What to do about the blog. How to get into a routine with Grace that was respectful of both of us individuals. Where to set boundaries in parenthood + beyond. Whether or not I should take the leap with some business ideas. I needed clarity.And clarity is what I got.


I decided on a few things:

  • I’m going to set limits on how often I post + always post with purpose. I will be posting 2 to 3 times a week. Likely one recipe + one to two articles. This ensures high quality content for you guys and less burn-out for me.
  • I’m going to shift the focus of the blog slightly from simply an AIP recipe blog to a real food [mostly AIP] + lifestyle + motherhood blog that incorporates my passion for non-toxic beauty, outdoor living, & baby-everything. 
  • I’ve started working as a Consultant for Beautycounter. After using their skincare + makeup every day for the last 6 months, I’m in love. My skin has never looked better + I’ve finally found the beauty solution for lowering my toxin load while still getting the benefits of anti-aging formulas, skin-brightening creams + gorgeous make up that fulfills the hole in my heart that Sephora left. I’ll be sharing product reviews, make-up tutorials + the skin care routine that has this new mom looking bright-eyed + bushy-tailed every morning! Hint: It’s the Rejuvenating Night Cream!
  • I’ll be starting a segment on Nourishing Littles, including how/when to introduce foods + the best foods for optimal cognitive and neurodevelopment.As a WELCOME BACK offer, I’m partnering with Power Balls … my #1 AIP Purse Snack of Choice. Each pack contains two balls and 12 grams each of protein, fat and carbs… making it a perfectly balanced snack or treat. My favorite flavors? Vanilla (tastes like cake), Orange Cranberry (tastes like a Starbucks scone) + Snickerdoodle (tastes like a snickerdoodle, duh)


Chocolate-Covered Power Balls

Prep Time 00:15 Cook Time 00:00 Serves 2



  1. Freeze Power Balls for 20 minutes until solid.
  2. Mix coconut oil, cocoa and honey in small bowl til smooth. Dip and roll Power Balls in chocolate until well coated. Place on parchment lined plate and return to freezer until solid. Repeat this step  until all chocolate is used up (2 to 3 coatings), sprinkling with flaked sea salt after the last dipping!
  3. Store in refrigerator and enjoy.


Recipe Notes

I prefer using the Snickerdoodle, Carob, Chocolate or Vanilla Power Balls for this recipe!

13 Best AIP Travel Snacks

aip travel snacks

These are some tried and true AIP snacks that you can buy online, if you don’t have access to a Whole Foods or similar health food store. I’ve also included ways to make these snacks more substantial and well-rounded in the descriptions of each!

My go-to online vendors for AIP & Paleo snacks and pantry staples are WILD MOUNTAIN PALEO,  THRIVE,   AND AMAZON!

1. Epic Bison & Cranberry Bars

Slightly sweet and smokey protein bar with no grains, nuts, or seeds! Layer avocado slices on top, and serve with a side of crunchy raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, radish, and jicama. Epic also makes a Bacon bar that is AIP-friendly!


2. Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips– Top with sliced avocado, black olives, and shredded rotisserie chicken for travel-friendly nachos on the run. I’ve also used them to scoop up homemade AIP hummus, tzatziki, and babaghanoush, which are all recipes inThe Healing Kitchen. Have leftovers? Try one of my 3 recipes featuring my favorite chip:BBQ Nachos,Fried Avocado with Garlic Aioli, and Fish Sticks.

3. Artisina Coconut Butter Packets– Slather on pre-cooked sweet potatoes or apple slices with cinnamon, coconut oil or ghee, and crumbled bacon.

4.Freeze Dried Blueberriesor Strawberries – rehydrate in coconut milk, stir in toasted coconut flakes, and cinnamon for an on-the-go AIP cereal that won’t perish!


5.Sea Snax– slightly salty dried seaweed snacks can be served with avocado, precooked baby shrimp, and coconut aminos for portable AIP sushi!


6.Organic Apple Butter– 100% apples! Smooth and holds up enough as a dip for banana chips (find ones fried in coconut oil) or even fresh apples. Toss with shredded organic rotisserie chicken and microwaved chopped bacon for a full meal.


7.Wild Planet Wild Alaskan Salmon– Mix together with mashed avocado, lime, and sea salt and serve with cucumber slices, jicama sticks, in lettuce wraps, or Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips.

8.Wild Planet Sardines– Tender and not incredibly fishy tasting ‘dines to ensure travel days don’t mean low-nutrient snacking! Serve on Yucan Crunch  with avocado slices.


9.Yucan Crunch– crispy crackers made entirely of yucca root. I made Sugar-Free Chocolate Covered Wafers with mine, but I’ve also topped with avocado, lime and sea salt and with coconut oil and cinnamon! AND you can buy Yucan Crunch on Amazon now!!!


10.Pork Clouds Rosemary & Sea Salt– AIP pork rinds with delicate rosemary and fried in olive oil! Portion controlled mini bags keep things quick & easy. Serve with prosciutto,Zucchini Cheese, green olives, and roasted garlic (usually found at salad bars) for a mini charcuterie platter!


11.Power Balls

These little coconut macaroon/energy balls are my ideal snack food because they have equal parts fat, protein & carbs! They contain 12g of collagen protein per pack + the flavors are seriously out of this world. Power Balls are one of the only “treats” I have every week because even though they taste like dessert, they’re just a great way to get gut-healing collagen and fat in your diet (and your purse… and on the airplane… and when you’re hangry at the post office.)

12.Wild Zora Lamb & Veggie Jerky– these tasty jerky bars contain 9 anti-inflammatory vegetables and herbs including turmeric and garlic, making them perfect snack for the AIP Girl’s purse!
If you like Epic bars, but wish they had more nutrition in them, you will LOVE these beef and organ jerky strips lightly sweetened with sunflower-free cranberries and blackberry honey. What’s even more amazing is that you’ll get grassfed beef heart and kidney in them along with your favorite typical grass fed beef. I am SO excited about this new product that was specifically designed by the company for people with autoimmune disease – how amazing is that!?!? You can get them on Wild Mountain Paleo along with tons of other Paleo & AIP Items for a great discount. Check out their AIP Section!