Garlic Bread Chicken and Kale Pizza

GF Garlic Bread Pizza

The best of both worlds collide here: Garlic Bread and Pizza made gluten-free and healthified with kale, shredded chicken and a delicious raw garlic spread.     I first shared this delicious grain-free Garlic Bread Pizza recipe on Instagram a few weeks ago. It took me a hot minute to get it up on the […]

AIP Italian Calzones

AIP Italian Calzone

    My AIP Stromboli recipe has been such a hit with us pizza-deprived humans that I made an Italian Calzone version for my monthly feature on Autoimmune Wellness! Have you been craving pizza on your grain and dairy-free diet? Look no further than either of these recipes! They have cured many, many, many pizza […]

Paleo Stromboli (AIP)

      Can you believe these grain-free, dairy-free AIP-friendly & Paleo Stromboli actually have the taste & feel of a gooey, cheesy pizza pocket? The filling possibilities are endless but I really love the simplicity of prosciutto & rosemary.   When I first made this recipe over 3 years ago, I had no idea […]

Pesto Chicken Pizza from The Healing Kitchen (Paleo, AIP)

This may be one of the most popular recipes in The Healing Kitchen so far! Pizza is a universally loved food. Have you ever met a person who said, “I don’t like pizza.” No. I’ve met people who say they don’t like cilantro (weird), or beer (extra weird), or cake with frosting (psychotic). BUT PIZZA? I’d send […]

Olive Pesto Meatza (Paleo, AIP, Whole30, 21dsd)

  I was out to dinner the other night after seeing Trainwreck, and I was forced (well, that’s dramatic) to watch others eat delicious chewy pizza from Eataly. That’s a ginormous Italian food market in Chicago that has a bunch of different restaurants, meat, cheese, produce, and oils/vinegars. I bought fresh basil, prosciutto, fresh figs, […]

Italian Sausage Pizza (Paleo, AIP)

      Italian Sausage Pizza made with homemade, nightshade-free sausage and sauce + an extra-extra dose of veggies… your family will love this grain-free, dairy-free pizza!   I love a recipe where you can still get your meat and veggies but its a big enough departure from your typical daily meals that it feels […]

BBQ Chicken Pizza (Paleo, AIP)

This paleo AIP BBQ chicken pizza recipe was one of the first “meatzas” I made when I started AIP. Following a Paleo diet prior to AIP, I would occasionally order gluten-free pizzas on the weekend, but they were never good and the flavor was a mix between cardboard and tomato-flavored straw. This paleo AIP BBQ […]