Whole30 Savory Meatballs with Cauliflower Puree (Paleo, Gluten-Free)

Paleo Savory Meatballs

    Paleo and Whole30 Savory Meatballs made extra flavorful with garlic, parsley, sage and a secret ingredient. Almond flour replaces bread crumbs in this gluten-free recipe. Served over an easy whipped cauliflower puree.   I shared this recipe on my Instagram last week, and it was met with high praise! It was one of […]

Nightshade-Free Cuban Picadillo

  Have you ever tried picadillo?! It is one of my favorite Cuban dishes, but I haven’t been able to order it in quite some time since this whole no nightshades, no ‘dillo business started. It’s a savory, sweet and salty skillet meal. It makes incredible leftovers and is super affordable to put on your […]

Pressure Cooker Pot Roast in 1 hour! (Paleo, AIP, Whole30)

I couldn’t be more obsessed with my Instant Pot! I made this Pot Roast in less than one hour and the meat is pull apart tender and paired with perfectly cooked root veggies! It’s Paleo, AIP, Whole30 and gut-healing! This Pot Roast recipe is an invention out of necessity. I’ve been sourcing the majority of […]

Beef & Mushroom Carbonara (Paleo/AIP)

Beef Mushroom Carbonara

  I’m a lover of meat sauces. My mom used to make a big pot of her meat sauce every few weeks when we were kids, and the smell of it simmering all day got me so excited for dinnertime! Of course then we served it with boiled pasta, and in my well-informed years of […]

Nightshade-Free Instant Pot Chili + 3 Tips for Instant Pot Recipes!

nightshade-free chili

    I mentioned last week it’s a good idea to follow me on Instagram, in case I ever post any of my meals and you want the recipe. Here’s another example from that! I made this Nightshade-Free Chili in the Instant Pot for my mom this weekend, and we both loved it so much. […]

Thanksgiving Stuffing Delicata Squash (Paleo/AIP/Whole30)

I created this recipe 2 holiday seasons ago and included it in a limited edition AIP cookbook that is no longer for sale… which means now I get to share it with you guys for free! It features 3 of the best things in the world: Thanksgiving stuffing, delicata squash, and stuffing stuffed inside of […]

Creamy Ground Beef & Potato Stew (Paleo, AIP, Whole30)

beef potato stew

  The Instant Pot obsession continues, but how could it not? I’ve never spent less time in the kitchen since going Paleo/AIP (especially AIP) since incorporating the Instant Pot into my daily meals.   My leftovers taste great, even better, and every meal I make is a winner with my husband. I’ve been saving a […]

Five Spice Beef Skillet with Fennel & Currants

I was reading a thread on an AIP Facebook group recently, and a few members complained about the annoyance of the recipe introduction on food blogs. My thought was, “What are we bloggers? Recipe pimps? Just give you what you want, quick and dirty, without any personality and for the cheap price of zero dollars!?”  […]

Thai Beef & Veggie Noodle Bowl (Paleo, AIP)

paleo thai beef

  AIP meals post-partum have taken meat and veggies waaaay back to the basics. But now that I’m on week 4, I figured it’s time to add a little something more than sea salt to my food, at least for a blog recipe. I also need to stop eating from the Whole Foods hot bar […]