If you’re brand new to Beautycounter or have just dipped your toes in, I’ve got some ‘splaining to do about the 10 products you won’t find me without lately. I’m sure I could make this my Top 20 Products because Beautycounter addict… I mean advocate, but here’s a great place to get started!

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1.Lip Jellies Duos: If you have dry lips but want a little plumping, shine and sheer color, you need to grab these cute and affordable safely-flavored jellies. I can’t choose a favorite, but if I had to it would be the Raspberry and Cocoa Duo.

2. No. 3 Balancing + Charcoal Mask: my dirty little secret to Hashimoto’s morning puffiness… add a drop of peppermint oil to my charcoal mask, apply, chill and 10-15 minutes later my face is significantly de-puffed and my skin so, so smooth and detoxed. You can literally see the grime leaving your skin with this wash off mask! Great for gentle exfoliation and blemish healing and prevention too.

3. Countertime is Beautycounter’s newest skincare line that offers a safe alternative to Retinol (ranks high hazard) and has been a Godsend for my splotchy post-partum skin. It’s helping break up melasma, fine lines and crow’s feet as well as some gnarly dark circles from being woken up multiple times a night. You can get it 10% off in the Regimen or 10% off Collection!

4. All Bright C Serum: literally sunshine in a bottle! This potent vitamin C serum evens and brightens skin tone, increases collagen production and leaves skin glowing on the dreariest of days.

5. Daily Shampoo & Conditioner: I switched over to this line a couple years ago and love it! A little goes a long way… I’m training myself that “only a dab will do ya”. My hair is soft, silky & manageable… bonus no harmful chemicals like conventional hair products, and it’s safe on color-treated hair. It has a fresh citrus scent too.

6. Makeup Remover Wipes: Hello, sleepyhead. So many women I know are too tired at night to wash their face! Don’t go to bed with makeup on – it’s terrible for your skin and eyes. Simply wipe it away with this 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover, rinse, pat dry and moisturize. Boom! The most minimal routine on the website.

7. Skin Twin Creamy Concealer: Truly the best concealer I’ve ever used – clean or otherwise. I use Medium 2 under my eyes to brighten dark circles and Tan 1 to match my skin tone to conceal redness or discoloration. I highly recommend applying it with their Better Blender – its the softest blender I’ve tried and seamlessly blends the makeup into your skin.

8. Clean Deo: This non-toxic deodorant keeps me dry and smelling fresh but doesn’t cause any irritation. It comes in 3 refillable scents – Rose, Coconut or Lavender and the refills save you money and save the planet 47% in resources.

9. Refresh Foaming Cleanser: It’s hard to find a non-toxic cleanser that doesn’t dry out skin but that also effectively removes dirt, excess oil and makeup. I pair this gentle, fragrance-free cream cleanser with my Luna Mini 2 vibrating exfoliator brush for the softest, cleanest skin at the end of the day.

10. Overnight Resurfacing Peel: Duuuuuh… this product literally put Beautycounter on the map and elevated the brand in the “serious skincare lovers” only game except it’s perfect for everybody! We all have a skincare concern the Peel targets… fine lines, dullness, dryness, dark spots, melasma, sun spots, acne, acne scars.

The Peel has you covered. It’s a serum – it will not peel your face. You simply apply it like any serum, follow with moisturizer and wash off in the morning (I recommend gentle exfoliation to slough off all the dead skin it lifts up overnight!) If you can only buy one skincare product, I’m gonna say make it this one since it packs such a punch.

If you need any help shopping clean beauty with Beautycounter, email me at alaenabeautycounter@gmail.com! I’m happy to help you select the best products for your skin type or makeup products