My 10 Best AIP Recipes

When this blog post launches, I will be in the midst of my vacation on Kauai. I love you all very much, but I won’t be developing recipes in Hawaii. I WILL be cooking all my own food though because I tend to flare on vacations (shouldn’t I be all relaxed and glowy?) if I don’t prepare my own meals. I’m going to be stopping at the Boulder Whole Foods to stock up on some affordable mainland staples like canned wild salmon. I’m assuming you can bring animal products to Hawaii since it’s considered the United States? We will find out. It wouldn’t be the first time TSA has stopped me for questionable food carry-ons. I mean if coconut oil is solidified when I leave my comfortable 73 degree home but the stuffy 80 degree airport turns it into a liquid, is that REALLY my fault? No, get it together, Midway.


Well I wanted to share MY favorite G&E recipes from the last year and a half! Some of them date back to this blog’s inception, and even though it was a short time ago, the photos may be awful. I apologize. I used my HTC for the first 6 months and when I started doing guest posts on very visible blogs, I was like “Okay I’m going to have to up my game past the talent of any three-year-old with their mom’s smartphone.” That’s when I bought my Sony mirrorless camera. It’s not even a DSLR, but it’s what I used to shoot most of these photos AND The Healing Kitchen! I’m not cool enough for a DSLR yet. I don’t own Chucks, I don’t drink lattes with heart-shaped milk froth, and I certainly don’t offer local photography workshops that at least 3 people show up to, one including my own mother. I’m saying I DON’T do those things, therefore I don’t deserve to join the DSLR club. Yes, they initiate you. One requirement: you must only agree to post-process minimally or you will be evicted from the club. You must also refer to everything, and I mean everything, as your subject (i.e. park benches, tunnels, dumpy homes in forgotten neighborhoods). And your name has to be Paul or John. Clearly, they’ll never let me in. 


Cranberry Relish Meatballs

Italian Sausage Flatbread 

Golden Chicken and Kale

Lamb with Olive Tapenade Rice

Prosciutto Meatloaf Muffins with Fig Jam

Pesto Pasta with Roasted Grapes and Caramelized Leeks

Silky Sweet Potato Puree

Bacon-Date Crusted Salmon

Salt & Vinegar Cauliflower Bites

Sweet Potato Freezer Fudge

Skillet Apple Crumble

Salted Chocolate Cream Pie

Ginger Sandwich Cookies with Lemon Cream

Avocado Carob Fudge Bars

Tartelette au Sucre


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